Life with heart in it

I was making a reflection, listening to one of my favourite songs, "The importance of being idle" by my Oasis (this video), when he says: "I can't get a life if my heart's not in it"... That's really how I am. During these years, I passed through many jobs, trying here and there, but when I didn't like something, after few time I quit.
For me, at the basis of life, there is no work, money, etc. but satisfaction. So, if one has to decide how his life should be, for me it can't be based on the job he finds: first he should choose the place he likes, with the person(s) he likes. Job comes after all. We can't live for working. We work for living, that it's very different.
I'm quite lazy (being idle is so much important), as here his girlfriend says, "boy, you lazy", but I'm happy with that, I only do things that excite me. What's more important at the end? "As long as there's a bed beneath the stars that shine", that's it.
So, in whatever moment, I'm always ready to abandon everything around me, e.g. to live by the sea, or in the mountains, whatever to please the person I like. If I'm in my right place, with my person, then I consider my life with "my heart in it"...