hypocrite Richard Ashcroft

The video was erased. When you put something by Mtv on YouTube (Mtv has left-wing ideas at least here in Italy), Mtv refuses that (for "copyright"...yeah, what about all the other ones?) and YouTube erases it. I don't know who is more hypocrite, well I think all of them. It's a pity for example not to see Oasis gig at the G-Mex in Manchester ('97), filmed by Mtv.

Richard Ashcroft... Poor hypocrite... As in this video (if you've ever seen it), he's communist as Picasso shown there. Maybe he feels close to poor people now that in this video he didn't shaved his beard...eh... I don't get the link between poor desperate people and Ashcroft rich & happy on Formula 1 circuit on helicopter... Maybe he wanted to underline this... But hey poor people, don't worry, "IF YOU WANT IT" (as annoyingly repeated), you can become rich... Notice his stupid face when indicates a poor with his finger, but no problem, as he says, you can call him... Richard always had an attitude of victim: oh he cries, oh he's in despair... what's wrong in his life? He's got everything. Which were all those pains? A girl not going with him? Look at yourself in the mirror... The only problem was given by himself: the drugs. Then, "the drugs don't work"... when he (almost) stopped moaning about his condition (he didn't at all), he began to feel the saviour on Earth... (probably he thinks to be Jesus...). I think I won't buy anything more by Richard Ashcroft... I met him at an Mtv programme here in Italy, where he was saying stupid things about poverty, he was in difficulties, yes, in his speech... At Live 8 behind the stage, singers were having caviar & french champagne... In a really beautiful song ("World keeps turning", great song for the music) on his last album, he sings: "all my blocks every night I try to figure out what's wrong and right...oh here, a hypocrite, yeah I did..." Wow, we hope he's sincere... He's really desperate about poverty (but his money is always raising...). It's a pity that this wonderful music is ruined by this ignorant man...so full of himself... He's just an (ex?) drug addict.